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МнениеПубликувано: 10 ное 2011 21:44 
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Dear brothers modelers from Bulgaria,

As you may know we have promised at Varna that we would invite you to our shows in Alba-Iulia, Romania. We have both a static models contest and an exhibition. The contest is from 26.11 to 27.11. After that we can leave the models for the exhibition (only if we want) and we will get them back at the end of January.

There are modelers from Italy and Hungary who are coming and we would be very glad if you can come, too. After all is not about the contest, it's about knowing new people and make new friends (and have a few drinks :lol: ). Alba Iulia is a beautiful city, the old part still has the walls from the ancient fortifications (there is even a Roman gate) you can bring your families, too, they will not get bored.

We can make reservations for you if you decide to come, the price per room is 200 lei (probably around 100 Leva) or 138 lei at a two star hotel (where we prefer to stay because is closer to the exhibition).

If you want more informations about the contest you can contact Ovidiu Socaciu at

We would appreciate if you can post this announcement on others modelers forums from Bulgaria, too.

Best regards,
Alexandru Dumitrescu

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